Christian Pilon, « Voyageur Extraordinaire » took part in many expeditions in the same manner as the grand explorers Radisson, La Vérendrye and Étienne Brûlé. All his adventures transformed his cultural pride.

As a speaker at various events, he is able to share with the youth and help them reconnect with the past and expose them to their heritage. In having them discover objects, games, songs and food from the time of the adventurers, Christian helps people get closer with their own identity. This is why he has accepted to be our ambassador.

« I am not an actor, but an authentic Voyageur, one out of only 9 throughout Canada. As a proud Métis franco-ontarian, I want to share my experiences, my knowledge and my life experiences with others. Since 2005, I have had the chance go under the skin of those who build our French-Canadian Identity. »