On September 30, 2023, the Coureurs des bois Challenge, the largest obstacle course in the region, will take place in the Lavigne Natural Park in Bourget!

Merci d’avoir relevé le Défi Coureurs des Bois

Choose the course that suits you!

Elite Adventurers Course

14 years and over
More than 40 obstacles

Adventurers Course

14 years and over
More than 40 obstacles

Explorers Course

Adults and children 6 years and older
More than 30 obstacles

Everyone is welcome to accompany participants to the site, free of charge.

A festive atmosphere will be present with the music and our energetic host! Replenish your energy with our canteen service and visit the many kiosks on site. A fun-filled day guaranteed!

Thanks to our sponsors

An important fundraiser for the community!

The Coureurs des bois Challenge distributes all its profits to various organizations in the region! By participating in the Challenge, you contribute to the vitality of the community!