The City of Clarence-Rockland is a modern municipality that perfectly combines rural charm and urban vitality. Clarence-Rockland is located on the banks of the historic Ottawa River to the north, and in the shade of the tall pines of the Larose Forest to the south. Between these two poles, we find several communities with their own colors and charm. Since its humble beginnings as a logging town more than 140 years ago, Clarence-Rockland has blossomed into a small city of nearly 23,000 inhabitants. Located 32 kilometers east of Parliament Hill and 145 kilometers west of Montreal, the region offers an excellent quality of life and countless business opportunities. With its diversified professional services managed by a qualified workforce, its constant residential growth, its numerous sporting and cultural activities, its restaurants, its retail stores and its specialized boutiques, the City of Clarence-Rockland is the place par excellence for Living, Working and Investing.

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Jean Coutu Pharmacy is a leader in the pharmacy field in its chosen markets. The company offers premium quality products for health, hygiene and beauty, in a warm and efficient environment. Our strength lies in the notoriety of the PJC concept, our marketing leadership and the support services provided to our franchisees. We are committed to providing superior performance for our shareholders and interesting careers for all professionals and employees of the network and the Jean Coutu Group.

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Au tournant des années 1940, des associations de travailleurs, des groupes syndicaux, des professionnels, des salariés et des communautés culturelles ont fondé des credit unions, également connues sous le nom de caisses d’économie ou caisses de groupes. Leur but : se donner des moyens pour faciliter l’autonomie financière de leurs membres en regroupant leurs avoirs financiers.

En 1979, le Mouvement Desjardins a accueilli ce réseau de caisses avec ses 200 000 membres répartis sur tout le territoire du Québec. Aujourd’hui, ces caisses continuent leur progression et sont fières d’enrichir le grand Mouvement Desjardins par leur diversité. Découvrez les étapes marquantes de l’histoire de ce réseau de caisses uniques et fortement enracinées au sein de différents milieux de travail.




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